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Tequila gets the celebrity treatment

This also means that distilleries are having to invest in more advanced production methods, like using a tahona to crush the agave rather than just a traditional roller mill, which can make the tequila more robust and earthy in flavour. Proper fermentation and distillation techniques are also being refined, which helps to produce smoother and more flavorful spirits.

The ageing process has become more refined too. “Tequila makers have started using new oak barrels and varying the ageing lengths depending on the desired taste profile. By enabling the tequila to rest in barrels for longer, tequila makers are able to achieve more complex flavours, such as vanilla and caramel notes in reposado and añejo tequilas specifically.”

George Clooney’s Casamigo Añejo – R2 499.99

Collectively, these approaches have helped raise the quality of tequila and increase demand from consumers who are looking for more premium, authentic and higher quality spirits.

And if you think its just consumers who have noticed a difference and turned their focus to tequila, take a step back and look at the rise in ‘Celebrity Tequilas’ as high profile personalities are dabbling and investing in the spirit too.

Kendall Jenner’s 818 Eight Reserve – R9 999.99

Añejo tequilas dominate in this category but consumers will also find Blanco and Reposado options available which is adding to the increase in demand for high quality tequilas that are made from 100% agave. 

Tequila is also benefited from a growing interest in Mexican culture and cuisine worldwide. The popularity of Mexican restaurants and the interest in Mexican foods and drinks has helped to fuel the growth of the tequila industry. 

Centinela 3 Year Aged Anejo – R4 199.99 & Clase Azul 25 Aniversario Edition – R 34,999.99

“Along with this, tequila has finally been embraced by the cocktail bar scene with the shift and expansion of high end tequila with more complex flavours. The spirit is becoming more and more popular with mixologists, who are using it in a wide variety of cocktails. This has helped to elevate the popularity of tequila beyond just shots and Margaritas. And its’ always interesting to say you enjoyed a tequila with George Clooney or Kevin Hart (wink wink),” adds Nair.

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