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UNI World GROUP, INC. and two tone Glabal announce strategic partnership to expand media and advertising services across Afric as UWG Africa

Two Black-Owned Agencies Unite to Transform the Continent’s Media and Advertising Landscape

BROOKLYN and JOHANNESBURG – UniWorld Group Inc. (UWG) and Two Tone Global today announced a strategic partnership to transform media and advertising services across Africa as UWG Africa. The partnership brings together the skills and experience of the two Black-owned agencies to provide deep insights into each other’s diverse cultural landscapes and reshape the way clients reach and engage with their audiences. This effort will increase culturally authentic access, engagement, and participation in media and advertising throughout the continent.

UWG Africa serves business in JohannesburgNairobi, and Lagos. It enters the market with the financial capacity of US$200 million investment to create community impact that focuses on Black media, content, talent, and consumer engagement across Africa while delivering business growth for clients.

“As insight-driven storytellers who foster inclusivity and drive culture forward, UWG Africa will combine robust data-driven insights with authentic cultural understanding and unique creativity to unlock growth opportunities for clients. UWG Africa is resolute in its dedication to learn from, honor and empower Africa’s unique and diverse cultures,” said Gregory Edwards, president and CEO of UWG.

Carlo Murison, group CEO of Two Tone Global, said, “UWG Africa will change the way brands connect with customers. We are excited to expand the magic across Africa, creating more meaningful connections through insights that are culturally relevant.”

With the formation of UWG Africa, UWG now operates in five cities across three countries in North America and Africa.

Two Tone Global will continue to operate as full-service advertising agency headquartered in Johannesburg with its own roster of clients. There will be no changes to the ownership or management team headed by Murison.

New York-based UWG is the longest-standing multicultural advertising and marketing agency in the United States, while Johannesburg-headquartered Two Tone Global is the 100% Black-owned, digitally led, integrated, full-service agency that has been at the forefront of the African brand narrative for more than two decades.

UWG took its first step towards global expansion with the formation of UWG Monsoon in Canada earlier in 2023. A partnership with Toronto-based Monsoon Communications, the multicultural agency specialises in strategies that offer brands an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the numerous ethnic consumer segments in that country.