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adidas SA Unveils the Inaugural Originals Studio

Following the successful launch of the global campaign ‘We Gave the World an Original‘⁠, adidas South Africa curated a local experience to drive the #1000Originals messaging in a tangible experience. Guests were invited to the inaugural Originals Studio workshop on Saturday, 7th October at Lemkus Studio bringing together students from film, design, and photography institutions as well as up and coming creatives passionate to expand their social media platforms and business skills. The Originals Studio, a brainchild of adidas Originals in SA, is a pioneering space aimed at empowering creativity. This unique venture serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation.

What is Originals Studio?

Originals Studio is a space meticulously designed to nurture creativity and learning, with the plans of continuing these sessions across the country in 2024. It stands as a sanctuary where attendees can engage with creative luminaries in intimate workshops tailored to upskill and inspire. More than just a workshop, Originals Studio embodies adidas Originals’ mission to pay homage to the individuals who have propelled the brand to cultural prominence. This initiative is part of the global platform and campaign titled “We Gave the World an Original. You Gave Us a Thousand Back”.

Who Led the Sessions?

The event was graced by a lineup of distinguished leaders in their respective fields, including

Lukhanyo Mdingi: Internationally renowned fashion designer and founder of the Lukhanyo Mdingi fashion line.

Dennis Collins: Expert designer and founder of the innovative brand Space Spinach.

Yoza Mnyanda-Siboto: Critically acclaimed Director and musician, known for being part of the music duo Darkie Fiction.

Gabi Kannemeyer: Seasoned photographer and former stylist.

Matthew Edwards: Multidisciplinary designer and co-founder of Big Circle Studios.

The event commenced with an energetic and engaging Panel Discussion moderated by Pamela Mtanga. During the discussion, Andile Dlamini, the creative director, and co-founder of BROKE, shared valuable insights. Actress Ama Qamata, renowned for her exceptional performances contributed her unique perspective. Noxolo Mafu, Brand Manager, adidas Originals, provided valuable insights into the brand’s vision and mission, enriching the conversation. 

As the event concluded, participants left with a wealth of knowledge, newfound inspiration, and a strengthened sense of community.