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Darren Till & Duduzane Zuma – Brand-new boxing entertainment company launches 

Gorilla Fight Club, a unique and innovative sports and entertainment company, launches today with the promise of staging electrifying events featuring high-profile stars from across multiple industries all around the world each year.

The brainchild of UFC legend Darren Till, with Duduzane Zuma, a South African entrepreneur, politician and philanthropist, operating as chairman, Gorilla Fight Club will break the mould as sports stars, influencers, musicians and actors compete in the boxing ring, transforming the world of combat sports on a global scale.

Combining sport and entertainment, Gorilla Fight Club will provide a platform for performers with millions of followers to showcase their boxing capabilities inside the ring, with a huge global audience watching on. Events will take place in all four corners of the world, ensuring engagement with the widest possible fanbase.

Darren Till said: “We’re delighted to finally announce the launch of Gorilla Fight Club following months of extensive work which has been going on behind the scenes to shape our long-term vision and strategy.

“This is a very exciting project and having been in and around combat sports for the majority of my life, I’m fully confident Gorilla Fight Club will change the face of the industry.

“The launch of Gorilla Fight Club ensures fight fans around the world can now look forward to a series of ground-breaking events which will shock and excite in equal measure.

“Our aim is to grow the brand on a global level and with a highly experienced and skilled team on board, everything is in place for us to make Gorilla Fight Club a major success.”

Chairman Duduzane Zuma added: “This is a brand-new concept combining both sport and entertainment, while bringing together many popular global stars with huge followings from across a variety of industries.

“In recent years we have seen various external figures move into the world of boxing and there is no doubting the impact it can have globally, and the huge numbers it attracts.

“While this project is all about entertainment and providing fight fans around the world with a new initiative, we are also confident that from a business perspective, Gorilla Fight Club has the potential to achieve rapid growth.

“Our events will take place all over the world, and we can guarantee fight fans attending that they will go away knowing they have witnessed something special on each occasion.

“There are no limits to what Gorilla Fight Club can achieve and we look forward to showcasing our product to fight fans around the world in the near future.”

Gorilla Fight Club will hold its inaugural event later this summer, with full details to follow in due course.