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Keeping the Durban vibe alive

Saturday 7 October was the day the Durban shores felt a rumble as we celebrated Lvee Nkosi’s birthday – Themed, Endless Summer. The vibe was in high frequency as we watched the beauty of the sea and the horizon of the Indian Ocean. Hosted at the prestigious BMW/SMG Umhlanga dealership center, guests were entertained and enjoyed themselves while panned at views of the latest BMW automobiles.

The event supported and sponsored by Hennessy and SavannaEndless summer sure did deliver a fresh, new and exclusive experience to the Durban night life(rs).

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Nightlife meets fashion

As we danced to the beat and saluted the DJ’s, we were graced with beautiful clothing and brands by young and upcoming designers on display. Powered by iGoda Incubator, The Savanna Market Space created a pedestal for young designers and incubates to showcase their creations to an exclusive and niche market. We had the likes of Dfant fashion clothing by Dolly, Chilli Bite clothing by Donald, Zemstikkum by Zamani, Clay from scratch by Manqoba and Sewish Ultima by Sammy. We were also graced with presence of three other young designers an brand owners, Gustavo Corp, Knits by Nala and Fatherinvisiblestudios, who all had amazing pieces to showcase to the guests.

The savanna Garden Market

Savanna came through with an amazing garden set up for photobooth as they promoted the brand at the event. The garden was specifically designed placed for young designers sourced by iGoda Incubator to showcase the the event.

Hennessy X JAIS

As the main and Title sponsor of Endless Summer, Hennessy assisted in creating an exclusive and vibrant ambiance where the music, balances out the entire event. As a premium brand, they made sure that the entire space was well branded and welcoming to the guests who came in numbers to support.

iGoda Incubator

iGoda incubator is a clothing manufacturing company that designs quality clothing for the fashion conscious. In Partnership with JAIS and Savanna, iGoda was able to provide a platform for the young incubates, to gain valuable experience in the fashion industry – where selling and promotion skills are taken quite seriously.

BMW/SMG Umhlanga

In partnership with JAIS/Lvee, the German brand allowed the show to happen on its premises located at the Umhlanga Arch as this was also a great opportunity to market for their brand awareness, from the similar market as Lvee.