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Spine Surgeon Turned Superstar Musician

Matodzi Tommy Mariba popularly known as Dr Tom is a medical practitioner who works as an Orthopedic and Spine surgeon in Pretoria and finally ventures out as a musician and recording artist. His passion for music stems from his appreciation of instruments and having a dedicated YouTube channel where he reviews guitars, it was only inevitable that at some point Dr Tom would venture out and record his original music.

Born and raised in Venda, Limpopo Tommy Mariba has always been fond of instruments and specifically playing the guitar, he would form a new group called ‘Magic Strings’ where his passion for music was unleashed. When asked about the formation of his group Dr Tom alluded ‘I had ten pieces of music that I had planned to record in the December holidays of 2022, I was able to get Mulalo Mukwevho who produced the music, Blessing Mudzanini who played the guitar and Hangwi Netshifhefhe who sang all the songs. That is how Magic Strings was formed

‘After multiple phenomenal recording sessions at Burning Shak Studios in Venda we completed the project which we named ‘One Night In Vegas’ the debut single being Khanyisile Come Home’ which is out today’ Dr Tom added.

Khanyisile Come Home the debut single is fresh-new sound African-pop music has not heard yet, the single clearly illustrates and showcases that Magic Strings is here to stay. Their sound is clear, clean and extremely unique from the music people listen to.

The hard work and dedication of Magic Strings have seen the group work hard to complete the album in record time and even move on to recording the second album before releasing their debut album, a task many musicians fail to achieve.  

‘Khanyisile Come Home is an incredible love song of a man begging his lover to come back home, it’s very catchy and will certainly have the people moving, it is certainly one of my personal favourites’ Dr Tom added.

Magic Strings will also be hosting a listening session for the new single and the forthcoming album at The Breadbox Studios in Midrand on the release day.

It is without a doubt that Magic Strings is on the rise and will be releasing music regularly for their supporters.