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Profiling Journalist Extraordinaire, Amanda Phage.

A new breath of fresh air, having recently dipped her toes into the vast sea of words, Sibizi Media’s
Amanda Omphemetse Phage, 21, is on a rampaging path to unlocking the secrets to becoming a
master storyteller. While a self-proclaimed “novice” with the pen, the trajectory of the ‘penmanship’ begs so hardly to differ for the Pretoria-born Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) graduate.

Phage, who describes her key responsibilities as a copywriter and Journalist at Sibizi Media, as
‘deeply fulfilling’, admits that in spite of her writing skills and personal dedication at her disposal,
good results aren’t just the outcome of hard work but an unwavering devotion to your craft.
“What I find challenging the most with the work that I do is having to work with strict deadlines or
immediate deadlines. This is how unpredictable my work can be sometimes. It [just) means that my
creative juices have to be activated super-fast and minding that I have to produce interesting and
well-articulated articles (sic),” she is quoted as saying.

Tasked with the responsibility of speaking to the readers and captivating Sibizi Media’s audience
through the medium of writing, the 21-year old has found new ground in the media outlet.
Describing her latest article for the magazine entitled ‘Crisp and captivating feels with Igoda
incubator’s spring/summer collection,’ as “effortlessly testy”, Phage exclaims further, making a
proclamation that, there’s definitely more to come! “I had to write the article by just looking at the images. This is so tricky in so many ways because a lot of people cannot do it, I was proud of myself because it was something new to me.” She adds.

While many others may not see writing as a craft, Phage is a firm believer that being a wordsmith is
a trade that is truly gratifying, and as such needs constant sharpening to make it to the top.
“In telling stories, you don’t necessarily have to just put words to paper, or text to clipboard, you
have to think of structure and how you are going to compose the article. Always remember to also
do your research.” As time will eventually tell, a new force has started emerging in the world of Journalism and storytelling through Sibizi Media and the world can only wait to see what’s coming next