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5 office trends for men to try out in the new season

Roll call for all the corporate gents, now is the time to elevate your work wardrobe with these 5 office wear fashion trends. 

Pastel Power 

Pastel colors are on trend this season and they are a great way to make a statement especially for those who aren’t used to color or would generally shy away from it. Now the obvious choice would be to go for a pastel blazer but a cardigan is a great substitute seeing as we are still in the warmer season and they are super versatile-you can throw it on over your shirt or for a more casual look or wear it over your shoulders to complete your look with a sophisticated edge.

Golf tee glory 

A golf shirt might go down as one of the most classic pieces of clothing for men. It is the perfect starter piece to building your work wardrobe – get the golf shirt in staple colours like black, navy and white,pair it with Chinos and formal shoes and you will be set. For a more edgy look roll the pants up slightly and pair them with your favourite pair of sneakers. 

Funky socks

Colorful socks are such a subtle way to add character to an outfit especially if you are more on the reserved side. A pair of happy socks on a Monday morning makes for a great conversation starter. This is a simple yet effective trend to try and incorporate in your work wardrobe without breaking the bank. Try pairing a crisp white shirt, formal black pants and a pair of Happy Socks in your next outfit. 

Classic Chinos

Alongside golf shirts, a black pair of Chinos are an essential. These can be worn from Monday through to Friday all you will need to do is change the shoes as well as the top. Try a classic white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the neck, a knitted pullover or a short sleeve button down. If you wear a uniform, Chinos also work well with almost any top- just make sure you make up for it by wearing an impressive pair of shoes. 

Add some bling

Mens jewellery is currently in the spotlight and it makes for a great finish to an outfit, 2024 is the year for mens jewellery and we are here for it. Adding jewellery to your outfit shows that you are not afraid to challenge the traditional ideas of masculinity and is a great way to stay on trend. Surprisingly mens jewellery is actually not difficult to find and some jewellery is gender neutral which makes it a plus. Be daring and complete your next work outfit with a chunky silver ring or a simple bracelet peeking out from beneath your jacket sleeve. 

Gone are the days where office wear only consisted of suits and ties. Elevate your work wardrobe with these simple trends and take advantage of “casual Fridays” at the office, that’s when you can truly let your inner fashionista shine.