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5 Digital Marketing Tips to help your start-up grow

Digital Marketing is the new sales method that serves as a funnel to help your business grow. Through content generation, you are bound to execute an effective and profitable strategy that will bring in positive return on investments. The age which we live in is changing drastically allowing us to explore the technological advancements designed to help your business reach its customers directly at the comfort of their online home-base. We have companies like Sibizi Media that specialize in brand management and digital marketing who contribute vastly to the South African economy and digital sphere. They are a brand that speaks through their works in digital, making them “The South African Kingpin of Digital”. Bandile Mathebula, Managing Director at Sibizi Media, Editor at Sibizi News and Known Magazine, shares with us 5 tips that will help your business grow through Digital Marketing.

  1. Understand the digital Marketing field – Digital Media is an everchanging environment, which simply means, what’s trending now could easily become irrelevant in the next hour. Take time to understand and learn the field, keep yourself updated with the latest trends within your industry. Attend digital workshops and online tutorials on YouTube.
  2. Create a high quality user-friendly website (Dynamic/responsive) – The website is the center of your strategy. All roads lead back to your website, through social media, google and other online and public search engines. Customers need to be taken ‘somewhere’ to learn more on your business. A website serves as your salesman 24/7, so it is imperative that you represent your brand well online. As of recent, we were introduced to new online tools that could help us create modernized/flexible websites optimized for all devices. The responsive website feature has allowed us to create UX/UI that adjusts according to the device you are using to access your website with.
  3. Create content and copy that is compelling and attractive to your market ‘Marketing is not about the products your sell, but the stories you tell,” – Jon Munsel. Content is King therefore conversation is queen. Firstly, create a voice for your brand, one that relates to your target market and audience. With compelling and informative content, your website will attract customers, sometimes simply because they are educated by your content – which could easily change their buying perception. By providing educational and informative content, your are proving that you are well versed in your industry and that you understand the technicalities of it.
  4. Video content is key – Video advertorials/digitaorials receive more views than written content. This marketing method is akin to speaking directly with your customer on a personal level. Explainer videos/tutorials are the best way to market your brand as you are given an opportunity to sell your rand in 30seconds. *But be careful, the first 10 seconds of your video should be compelling enough to get the reader/viewer to keep watching and take action. Videos content can ether be: Explainer video, Tutorials, Reviews, Testimonials and Interviews…to name a few.
  5. Grow your social media presence, reach and engagement – Social Media is one of the most fundamental tools in the online space. Majority of website traffic is often redirected from social media through social posts and graphics, instructing them to click through the website for more information on the product/service you sell. Social Media also serves as a platform to showcase your works, boast about your product and simply to keep in touch with the customer. The content you publish on social media – with the correct and relevant hashtags – should be compelling and rich to a point where your business becomes an inspiration to ,many others. The more rich the content is the more chances you get of customers taking action and interacting/engaging with your brand online.

The digital space is for everyone really, we just have to take time to learn and understand it until you find value in using it. I highly recommend that all entrepreneurs, start learning and upskilling themselves and their workers, take risks and explore the vast digital world, and find tools to help you reach your business goal.

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