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7 Golden Winter Skincare Rules!

With Winter fast approaching, now is the time to start changing your skincare routines. We all know the harsh winds and cold temperatures can challenge your skin, not to mention added stress factors such as COVID-19.

Luckily, we don’t have to submit to all of winter’s indignities as Yuvati Shah, owner of the award-winning Spa Royale at the Royal Palm Hotel, Umhlanga shares her 7 Golden Winter Skincare rules that are sure to leave your skin bright and healthy all season.

“Change of season generally comes with added pressure on the skin and body,” said Shah. Around this time of the year we have an influx of people suffering from dry and flaky skin come in and so it important to use products and routines that will hydrate your skin.”

  1. Take Shorter showers – Hot water feels great in the winter, but it saps skin of its natural oils. Try to limit your long, hot showers and baths to once or twice a week, and choose lukewarm the other times. Always apply moisturizer immediately after patting your skin dry.
  2. Change your cleansers – Cleansers can strip your skin of natural oils, dry it out, and over time even lead to more visible lines and wrinkles. It’s important to choose the right cleanser for your skin type.
  3. Switch from lotion to cream – Creams are more moisturizing than lotions, which don’t provide as strong an oily barrier to reduce water loss in the skin. Although creams feel heavier on the skin, they do a much better job at protecting against the dryer winter temperatures. “Your skin will also feel better if you bump up to a richer moisturizer that has more oil content and less water content,” Shah added.
  4. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! – Exfoliating in winter is necessary especially since between the cold air outside and dry indoor heating, your skin cells dehydrate and die out faster. Exfoliate by buffing away these dead cells so new cells can come in healthier and without obstruction.
  1. Don’t skip sunscreen – Though we’re less exposed to sun in winter, that doesn’t mean we can stop protecting ourselves from its rays altogether. Some skin creams have sunscreen built in, but make sure it is SPF15 or higher.
  1. Eat Clean – Simple sugars and carbohydrates stimulate reactions in skin that can lead to more acne breakouts. Avoid these during your daily life and you’ll experience fewer setbacks during winter.
  2. Wear gloves – Our hands suffer the most during the winter because of the cold and dry air. Wear gloves to protect the skin on your hands from the harsh winter weather. The same applies for lips, which should always be covered with lip balm.

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