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A Force In The Media Industry Determined To Take PR To A New Level

Pearl Mokgathle - CoFounder and Director, Figa8 Communications

The PR industry is a very volatile world, where brand reputation is one of the main aspects that helps drives business to companies. Public Relations is a serious undertaking for any brand or business. This method of brand amplification is one of the most effective and preferred methods to help brands amplify their message and reach out to their market.

Pearl Mokgathle (30) is a Professional Journalist based in Medowlands, Soweto. She was raised by both of her parents and extended family. Pearl has always had an interest in the media industry, more especially the journalism field. “I used to collect magazines when I was a child, I used to use my allowance to buy these magazines because it was my dream to work for one one day” she said. Her interest in journalism urged her to study to become a journalist, where she took a big step to study at Boston Media House majoring in Journalism.

Pearl Mokgathle and Bandile Mathebula. Photo by: Wandile

“I used to collect magazines when I was a child, I used to use my allowance to buy these magazines because it was my dream to work for one one day

Post Varsity, Pearl landed herself a job as an Intern Journalist at one of the big brand magazines People Magazine. She was later promoted to Entertainment Editor, where she worked and rubbed shoulders with big names in the industry.

Four years into her career, Pearl decided to explore other practices within the media industry. She explored the PR industry. Pearl is now a PR guru and media mogul in the making and has made it her main mission to be part of great brands – working with them to help them grow and gain traction from their targeted market. She first worked for an Aesthetic company as a PR executive. “This was very challenging for me, since i was so used to doing my own thing when i was still working at People Magazine” she said.

After working with the Aesthetic, she partnered with Jessica Ndlovu to start their own communications company – Figa8 Communications in 2016. “With my experience and expertise in the publishing industry, combined with Jessica’s experience in the PR industry, we believed that we can create a brand for ourselves” she said. “We have worked with the likes of DJ Zero from YFM in partnership with Hyundai” says Pearl. “Things did not work out with Figa8 Communications back then, so I Joined an online youth magazine called as their Online Fashion and Beauty Editor” she added.

Fun Facts About Pearl

  • She likes Junk Food – wings & kota
  • She hates Snorting
  • She likes Tyler Perry Movies: Temptations
  • Her favorite music genre is Kwaito
  • She Meditates when Under pressure

During her time in the industry, Pearl has interviewed Big names such as, Candy from the Real Housewives, Taraji P Henson, Terrance Howard, Christina Milan, AKA to name a few. She is currently working on a campaign with Avatar Media/ for Yoco #ShopTheStreets – which supports small businesses in South Africa.

With the media industry being an ever changing industry, Pearl seeks inspiration from social media platforms in order for her to keep up with the trends in the industry. “I use platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BizComm to keep up with the industry trends” she added.

Pearl Mokgathle – Photo By Wandile

“I see myself as a media mogul, that is why i am building myself as a brand. I want to be a successful business woman and I see myself as an Editor for a big brand magazine” says Pearl. As a business, we are looking to revamp our brand for the next year, we are looking to up our game this time around” she added.

Figa8 Communications will be re-branded and develop new action plans for next year 2020.

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