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A Music Duo That Creates An Urban Hip-Hop Sound Fused With Old-School Kwaito Vibes – The Hybridz

The Hybridz: Neo Ndawo and Skorch Supernova

Durban KwaZulu – Natal: A musical duo from Durban made up of exuberant rappers & producers Neo Ndawo and Skorch Supernova. Their focus on creating urban Hip-hop sounds fused with a lot of old school Kwaito vibes, hence the name Hybridz.

The two artists went to the same high school but were never really friends till they finished. Neo used to work with Skorch’s little brother and that is how they officially met and started working together, they decided to come together due to the musical chemistry they shared and they showed a common interest in Sonics which made it absolutely easy for them to blend their different styles.

Their mission is to change the perception of music by basically getting rid of “genre barriers “. Their aim is to recreate and to create, with authenticity being one of their main principles, this means even though they pay homage to the old greats, they constantly fight to establish their own blueprint.

The duo has been together for 3 years now and have a highly anticipated project coming soon titled Azania, the title alone is a reflection of their Afrocentric values. The concept is based on re-establishing the “original” sounds of South Africa while fusing them with the new age sound/vibe. The tape features artists like Tony Taylor, Montrio, Truey Donattelo, Stick Junior and more. Their lead single “Ungagwilizi” has a video which will be coming out soon. The project is definitely worth looking forward to, with a beautiful ambience of trap meets kwaito, this includes re-spins of legends like Mapaputsi (Ebumnandini) amongst others.

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