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A Vintage Fashion Force, Ready to Make it Big in The New Year

Ndo is a 25-year-old young lady coming all the way from Ladysmith. She grew up with her family, Her Mother and Father and her four sisters – her being the second to last born. “I had an amazing childhood, my family provided me with everything I needed and was very lucky to have the sisters that I have. They were and still are so supportive and loving and I think that I would not have made it in many situations if it weren’t for them” she said.

In 2011 Ndo matriculated in Ladysmith High School then decided to move to Johannesburg. She enrolled at The University of Johannesburg where she studied Community Development and Leadership for one year, and decided to change course because she realised that she did not fit in that career field. “When I was applying for a course, Community Development and Leadership sounded appealing to me, but what I did not realise was that the course I was about to venture into does not relate to me and I could see myself pursuing anything within that career field, so I had to change course in second year, and decided to go with Media” she stated.

Ndo enrolled at Boston Media House in 2013, where she commenced with her media studies majoring in Radio and Journalism. “When I started off in media school, I was very excited and eager to continue within the field, mainly because of the many options that were provided to us so that we can explore and get to know what exactly fits our personalities” she added. Ndo has in the past worked at the Alfred Duma Municipality as a Journalist and writer under the Mayor of Ladysmith, covering and doing reports on Governmental/Municipal events that were taking place within that Municipality/Community. She has also worked at iNqubeko FM as a radio presenter and also in the news department.

In May 2016, Ndo decided to venture into her own path in fashion. She started a brand called Vintage Mayhem where she sells vintage clothes at a very low price to those who are vintage fanatics. “At first, I was just trying to get rid of my old clothes because I insanely had too much in my wardrobe, then slowly I saw the interest in the clothes and what I do and decided not to stop” said Ndo.

Vintage Mayhem is currently a pop-up store based in Durban, popping up every Sunday at the Durban Creative Market which takes place at The Warehouse. In 5 years Ndo sees Vintage Mayhem as a consistent brand offering clothes on a more consistent basis and having a fixed location. “I’m currently trying to find a fixed location for my shop, but it is difficult at times as I am only working alone in this and also due to the fact that I do make-up on a part time basis” she added. Vintage Mayhem can be found on Instagram @thrift_dynesty.

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