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A Young Woman Doing The Most With Food – She Calls It Food By The Gift!

Thandazani Zulu - Founder and CEO Food By The Gift

This 20 year old is already using of her God given talent to make her dream become a reality. Driven by just passion, Thandazani has built herself a brand that she can proudly call her own from scratch – and it’s called Food by the Gift. Originally from Emangeni, KwesakwaMthwthwa Reserve this young lady is still university and is studying in pursuit of a degree in the commerce field. She is enrolled at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal in Pietermaritzburg for a Bachelor of business administration. Prior to her current studies, she had already obtained a Certificate in business administration, which she did for 6 months in UKZN as well. With the knowledge that she had obtained from her course, she saw a gap in the food market and she grabbed it with both hands.

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The business mastermind that Thandazani is, saw an opportunity in an observation she had made on what the people around her needed – at it was food. “People needed food, and they’ll always do. Knowing that was all I needed to make a reality of my dream and keep on keeping on,” she said. Year 2016 Thandazani started selling muffins around campus and at the police station near to where she lived. “I’d bake at night and sell early in the morning and later attend classes, afternoon I’d prepare for weekend orders. The passion that burnt inside young Thandazani led to her started her own business, Food by the Gift. “It’s a catering company that caters for small and medium events for now,” she explains. Thandazani is all about catering food from the heart, “I work with orders, but also avail myself to cater for events on site. The food ranges from starters, main course, desserts and platters. I prepare Western and African foods which is inclusive of vegans and vegetarians too,” she says.

The type of education Thandazani has and that which she is still working towards, is the type that you can either apply for a job or create a job for yourself. Thandazani’s route was to create one for herself. “The great thing about creating one for yourself is the fact that you’re also creating jobs for others as well. To make a success of a business especially one like mine, you know as much help as possible. So I also get to tap into the job creation scope too,” she adds.

Although business is doing fairly well for a start-up, Thandazani still feels the need to take some culinary and event management courses after the completion of her degree, just so she can hone her skills better and take her business to bigger and greater heights without compromising the quality of food she delivers. “As much as I chose Business, Cooking chose me – luckily in my case, my passion directly compliments my skill or rather my education which in turn gave birth to my future which is Food by the Gift,” says Thandazani.

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