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Absa Advantage Gives you rewards for banking better!

Pimp up your lifestyle in these trying times because enjoying and spoiling yourself is just as important. Basically your happiness should be on top of the list, but just not heavy on your pocket.

Absa is making banking even more rewarding for their clients. They have introduced the all new ‘Absa Advantage’ rewards program – where you get instant rewards for banking better with your Absa bank account.

The Absa advantage feature allows you to Bank Smarter, giving you challenges that will show you how to bank better or manage your money. Absa advantage is a free service, that requires no fees and sign ups. With Absa Advantage you get instant rewards after you have completed all challenges set out for you – imagine that, a bank that rewards you for banking and manging your money well!!

Get challenged…get rewarded!

In order for you to benefit from Absa Advantage, look out for a new challenge every three weeks, so it is best to look out for the notification on your phone, accept, complete it within two weeks and you will receive your instant reward.

Rewards include Meal vouchers from Absa Partners, the meal vouchers can be redeemed at selected restaurants. They are not conditional on any minimum spend and can be shared with friends and family.

The Absa advantage rewards program is set to help ABSA customers bank better and manage their finances better. 

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