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Ackermans offers a wide range of cellular and tech products via their new Cellular Connect Store

Ackermans has recently launched its Ackermans Connect Online store - where its cellular and tech products will be available for users to purchase online, from the comfort of their own homes.

For the first time ever, leading value retailer Ackermans is offering its wide range of cellular and tech products, which ranges from high-end to more affordable products, online via its new online shop.

With over 800 brick-and-mortar stores across South Africa, the retailer is renowned for its wide physical footprint, and its prominent presence in the heart of its customers’ communities. However, the recent shift in consumer needs brought on by COVID-19 has led to the retailer enhancing its digital properties, with all cellular and tech products now being available from its online shop.

“When lockdown was announced in March 2020, our customers were subsequently unable to access our stores – yet the demand for connectivity increased as consumers were driven online, says Ackermans’ Cellular Manager, Michael Grace.

“We needed to offer customers easier access to our cellular and tech products, through a convenient, safe, secure and easy-to-use shopping portal,” he added.

With over 2,5 million handsets sold every year, cellular has been a key component of Ackermans’ retail offering since 1998, through its physical stores. The Ackermans cellular online shop will now allow customers to purchase this same range of cellular products, with the addition of a number of high-end devices and gadgets previously only available from Ackermans’ Connect stores located in Gauteng. 

Grace adds that a curated selection of premium products will be exclusive to Ackermans’ cellular online store, such as the JBL earphones and the Samsung Galaxy A51 mobile phone. “Online customers will also have access to exclusive competitions and promotions, he says.

“We will consistently strive to present our customers with a fulfilling online experience, which includes more choice and an online offering that continues to evolve in line with changing customer needs and preferences,

he says.

“It is our hope that the online store can be seen as yet another convenient means for customers to purchase Ackermans’ range of cellular and tech products at great prices.”

For further information and to visit the new Ackermans online cellular store, please click here:

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