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“Africa is not a Jungle Rocks Everyone! “

What a way to end a year! Black coffee moved the whole Ballito alongside his cast on his concert Africa is not a jungle.

Black coffee held his concert on the 24th of December in Ballito Sugar Rush. Fundisani Shandu was invited to the show and he described it as the best event he has ever been to.

“The show was the most organized ever, covid-19 regulations were observed and everyone had their own space.”

The event organizers were Greyman Music & Events (Pty) Ltd*, KwaDukuza/ iLembe based company known for producing the finest musical talents and successful hosting of big events.

It’s not many shows where you could praise the organizers for the safety of the place. It was clear and safe from midnight. The acts included Sun-El musician,  Dj Merlon and many more amazing acts that made sure they got everyone to groove during the day until late.

Dj Merlon was the last Dj to play before black coffee joined and he did amazing work alongside side his friend mixing.

The organizers explained that their main aim was to position the area (iLembe District) as one of the best tourism destinations in SA. “We take pride in our rich history, landmarks, and beautiful scenery. “ they explained.

“Furthermore;  this was also an economic recovery strategy for Arts and Tourism sectors after COVID 19 hard lockdowns, the event created more job and business opportunities for the locals.

“Everyone owned the show and as it started getting dark, Black Coffee entered… The crowd went crazy and I can’t tell you enough how sickening his mix was”, they said.

The man who stole the show was Pansuls, a drummer that left everyone shocked and happy.  Black coffee’s mix included the drum play which gave us a bit of piano but not so piano. Fundisani described the experience as never being seen before.

You might be wondering how Black Coffee was approached,  One of the company’s strengths is the strong relationship base they have with other companies and big industry role players, the list includes, Soulistic Agency (Black Coffee’s agency) whom they work closely. They have had this idea of bringing Black Coffee to the district for the longest time and 2021 was a  dream come true, they described it.  “Through Soulistic Agency we booked a global stage called ‘Africa Is Not A Jungle’, “a platform designed by Black Coffee to showcase Africa and talents within to the world” Nomsa Vezi who is also one of the event organizers explained.  

Many young people were very much responsible and working on the event Fundisani described it.Greyman Music & Events (Pty) Ltd takes pride in empowering local youth and creating overall opportunities for them.

“ My office (Operations Management) within the company were also responsible for making sure that the company’s overall objectives as a collective were met. Our selection was based on professionalism and ability to perform tasks without overlooking empowerment strategy.”

“This concept is beyond being an event but it’s also an important strategy basis to kill the myth that Africa is a jungle and it is only about wildlife, We have more to offer” Nomsa explains.

ILembe and Kwadukuza were very much involved in the show which made the people so excited.

Through this concept the company (Greyman Music & Events) invested millions to serve a common goal; they then approached Enterprise iLembe and KwaDukuza Municipality to come through as automatic beneficiaries of this concept and indeed they came through as our initiative was clear.

Big up to everyone involved in making this a success, we hope we get many more events like these.

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