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An Entrepreneur On The Rise – Umbhako

A 24-year-old young lad from Ezakheni in Ladysmith is making it his everyday priority to work on his dreams to make them a reality. “My upbringing has been basic and straight forward, I spent most of my childhood working at my family’s business, running a tuck shop. I returned from school went to the tuck shop. I worked at the shop until I finished my matric year,” he says. He admits that ‘free time’ was a luxury for him. “I got free time when I had special assignments or soccer matches to attend and play only.” That’s where Nkululeko developed his entrepreneurial skills and discipline to start his own business called uMbhako, currently operating in Port Elizabeth.


Nkululeko is currently a full-time Business and Economics student at the Nelson Mandela University. He also holds a undergraduate degree in BCom Accounting and currently doing his postgraduate diploma in accountancy CIMA aligned.

He is also a full-time employee of Umbhako – specializing in the production of muffins, catering and supplies beverages. He takes care of the baking, delivering, purchasing, negotiating, selling and all necessary administration. “I am an all-rounder but occasionally outsource help in big occasions” he says. “I have very hectic days. I wake up at 3 am and start baking at 3h30, make my first delivery at 7h30, proceed baking and by 10am I make my second and final delivery. I take a rest after my 10h30 am delivery, I wake up at 12 and prep for class that starts at 13h00 till 17h00, get back and go for some excising then study and at 23h00 prep for the next day, ensuring that all containers are collected, invoices are created, baking equipment is ready and clean then sleep” he adds.

Fresh Bakes by Umbhako

“uMbhako is one of the well-respected businesses that was started by student entrepreneurs of the Nelson Mandela University as it was ranked the Res business of the year in 2017,’’ he said. Nkululeko has been given the opportunity to speak of his business in 3 Radio interviews and 3 had panel discussion opportunities with one feature in the Herald Newspaper.

With the qualifications he has, he can work basically in any business that has an accounting department or does accounting and bookkeeping for other businesses but since he is majoring in CIMA studies he can find proper job opportunities in mass producing companies mainly factories.


“A vivid picture of myself in the future has me being a Charted Global Management Accountant profession wise and a multi-million rand business owner, investor and full time entrepreneur and influential member of society running my soon to be established Information Hub that will be all over the country in the rural places to be specific” he said.

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