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Aspiring entrepreneur and media personality, Fundisani Shandu launches an Underwear line

It is refreshing to see young South Africans take a leap of faith to start their own businesses. All of this done in the midst of an unstable economy, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. The unemployment rate in the country continue the rise on a daily, resulting from either retrenchment or
not skilled enough a get a good job.

We had a chat with Fundisani Shandu, Founder of Fundisani Wear and author of “Dear Crush” – about himself, his new underwear line and what he has for us in the future.

Fundisani (22) hails from a small Village of Mangethe. He was raised but two amazing women who contributed vastly in moulding him to become the person that he is today. He later moved to his late father’s home to live with his grandparents. “I am passionate about life and love learning and trying new things all the time. My first love is acting though, i always want to make that clear,” said Fundisani.

Fundisani Wear…

“It’s not just an underwear line, it’s a clothing line.” Fundisani expressed that it made sense to him launching an underwear line first before any other clothing. “The under wears come on demand and with being true to size would mean everyone was going to be here for it because I am all about diversity”

When we asked him about what he has in stall for us, he told us that he is currently considering collaborations and partnerships with big brands. “I have big plans for myself too, I have been dreaming of this my whole life. I let my work speak for itself.”

He is certainly a Jack of all trades. In the near future Fundisani will be launching a book called ‘Dear Crush’ and will be featured in a short movie. We are so excited to see what other surprises he has for us, and of course get a copy to read more on his journey.

Visit to know more on Fundisani and to shop.

We are currently working on making it available on other platforms.

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