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Baked by Nokwazi Cele: Delicious Custom Cakes

Cakes have evolved over the decades and finding the perfect cake for your occasion is often tedious, but we made that easier for you .We spoke to Nokwazi Cele-founder and chief baker at Geegee’s Pastry  ,she specializes in baking and designing cakes that will leave a pleasant flavour on your taste buds.

Via a brief conversation about her business , Nokwazi shares that she founded her business Geegees’ Pastry in 2016 , but she started the proper business in 2018 and she has been baking all her life.  “Anyone wo knows me will tell you, I used to bake easy mix muffins and sell them on the school bus. I was in grade 10 at that time  and I made sure that every morning on my way to school I sold those muffins, so I guess that’s how the business started,” she says.

Nokwazi was born in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal and grew up in Queensburgh and was raised by a loving and supporting family. The young founder of Geegees’ Pastry states that she started the business because she wanted something of her own and she has a huge passion for cakes and baking. Nokwazi further explained that she is a self-taught baker, she studied B-com accounting but at some point, she wants to take a baking course for more experience.

Her daily routine as a baker starts on Sunday night where she checks her emails and confirms orders for the week. She plans and writes down when she will start each cake so that it does not slip her mind . One of her favourite techniques is  following new trends but also making sure that they still look original to Geegee’s Pastry. Every business needs a mindset and strategies to be up and running ,the young business owner mentions that having a pastry business needs one to be disciplined and passionate about baking.

Geegees’ Pastry caters for all occasions from, birthdays, weeding’s, baby showers ,traditional weddings, basically everything that screams “event” Nokwazi is the plug for flavourful cakes.

In terms of the cake designs, customers are required to send a design cake for inspo or if they are not sure of what they want Nokwazi comes up with a few suggestions to suit her customer needs.

As you all know, every business has its own challenges. Nokwazi’s most challenging project was when baked her first wedding cake in 2018.The client was not pleased with her work, so she had no choice but to refund the client half of the money. Unfortunately, they wanted a full refund which she never had at the time because the business was still new and had insufficient funds. Nokwazi took the challenge has a huge learning experience as she was still new in the baking industry and had a lot to learn.

It has been almost a year into the pandemic and  nearly every business has been affected by Covid-19.Geeges’ Pastry also came across some challenges , Nokwazi further explains that she was forced to become innovative and decided to start doing deliveries because most people could not come to her for collections.

In terms of delivery, it is entirely up to the customer whether they prefer collecting the cake  or having it delivered to them. Nokwazi has recently started  a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of baking tutorials and she believes that YouTube gives a person the opportunity to reach greater masses and it also helps in terms of growth, in November she will also be offering baking classes where people will have to book in advance,

Not does she only bake for local people but she bakes for celebrities too, Nokwazi recently baked Shekhinah’s birthday cake on the 2nd of October 2021.

“In five years’ time I see Geegees’ Pastry being more successful with having my own baking shops and creating employment for young black people.”

To those young bakers who have recently started their businesses and are on the verge of quitting, Nokwazi left a few words for you, “You have made the best decision ,stay, be focused, have determination and you will reap the rewards.”

You can contact Nokwazi on:

WhatsApp : 066 212 4779

Email :

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