Boogaloo Africa Change Company Name With Immediate Effect – June 2020

Following its recent launch of South Africa’s first cannabis education platform, Boogaloo Africa has announced an immediate name change to Cheeba Africa, which includes the Cheeba Cannabis Academy and its range of premium broad spectrum CBD products.

CEO and co-founder Trenton Birch explains, “The recent unrest in the USA has brought to light that unfortunately, the cheerful word “Boogaloo” has been co-opted by a US far-right extremist group whose ideologies are an anathema to our brand.   We have therefore taken the immediate steps to change our name to ensure there is no association with a citizen-militia movement with violent intent.”

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The emerging Boogaloo movement, during the past week of US protest action, has been associated with fuelling violence at otherwise peaceful rallies, and three people claiming membership of the Boogaloo movement have been arrested on terrorism charges.

“We’re actually quite sad that a positive word like Boogaloo, which has long been a symbol of multiculturalism through music, gets nonsensically co-opted by such a movement,” Birch says.  Boogaloo has its roots in afro-latino dance music of the 60’s, which was popularized in the US and represented progressiveness and the celebration of people coming together through music and culture. “It has become necessary to for us to pivot to Cheeba Africa and make a stand against right wing ideologies,” Birch concludes.  “Cheeba is also a playful, fun word and has been used as a term for cannabis in a number of countries representing our multicultural ethos”.

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