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Buns Out. Picture: Buns Out Instagram.

Buns Out – A Burger Joint That Has Indulged Our Taste Buds With Their Delicious Burger Menus

The world has gone crazy over the newly opened burger joint – Buns Out, Co-Founded by South Africa’s favorite TV Personality and Business Man Maps Maponyane. The recently opened franchise has since been the talk of the town on social media and has been named as one of the best in the world.

The restaurant was first opened last year September in Johannesburg and has just recently opened in Durban last month.

Bloomberg recently published a new ranking of some of the best burger restaurants around the world. His rankings were based on the views of professional chefs and other culinary elites who handpicked the restaurants based on their preferences.

Business Tech stated that the majority of the list was made up of restaurants in the US and Europe. It was a combination of both casual and high-end restaurants. Buns Out was the only South African restaurant that was on the list. The restaurant attracted a lot of media coverage with their delicious vegetarian and vegan burger options.

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