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Cannabis Projected To Become a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry By 2027.

Since the legalization of Dagga, there has been many predictions that this natural product can be an industry worth 57 Billion USD by the year 2027.

South Africans are currently making the most of this opportunity as statistics show a high usage of cannabis in South Africa. According to The Business Insider, a Stellenbosch-based company has started to build dagga factories in shipping containers – this is to make it easier to grow medical grade cannabis, they stated.

Cannabis Leaf – Pexels

It was said that the company wants to sell their containers for an estimated value of R6 million each. It was said that in these containers, you are able to grow close to 25kgs of medicinal grade cannabis a month in each container. The reason for using containers was because the founders believe that it is much easier to obtain all required certifications with modular unit, as compared to building a factory from Brick – which could cost more.

Kush – Pexels

Further-more it was reported that the City of Cape Town has vacated some land in the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for the growth and production of medicinal cannabis.
Cannabis is well known for its medicinal usage for stress relief, headache relief and asthma, amongst many. And since its legalization, it is now possible for you to plant your own cannabis plant in your private garden.

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