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Changing a Tyre Made Easy

What really happens when my car stops and my tyre is broken? Changing tyres can be seen as a hideous job but to petrol heads, it brings joy.

Mpho Tlale a lover of cars takes us through the steps of changing your tyres the best way possible.

The basic tips to keep your tires live as twice as long are :

1. Make sure your shock absorbers are not worn out as it will help with making sure that pressure from the car is absorbed by the shock absorbers and not excreted on the tires.

2. Make sure that the suspension of the car is balanced as that would help with making sure that the tires are worn out evenly.

3. Make sure that the tire pressure is correct at all times. It is better if you own a modern car that will give you a notification when tire pressure is not balanced.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to change your tyres, here are the steps :

1. Start by taking out your spare tyre and make sure that it is full of air.

2. Set out a reflection warning behind your car by placing an emergency triangle if you are on a public road.

3. Make sure that your vehicle is on level grounds and the hand brick is up.

3. Use a wheel spinner to loosen up the wheel nuts.

4. Jerk up the car gently and make sure that the car doesn’t move around when lifting.

5. Once the wheel is off the ground then take out the nuts and the tire, then put in the spare wheel.

6. Tie up the nuts gently without causing any movements to the car while it is jerked up.

7. Once all nuts are tied up, drop the vehicle gently using the jerk.

8. Make sure that the nuts are fastened up tightly

9. Then you can take the wheel to the nearest tire store to get it checked.

The world is changing and technology is taking up space, tyres are also evolving and can withstand all types of weather conditions. There are different types of tyers for different cars. When you are planning on buying tyres for your car, do your research by going to the nearest tire store 

And see what would be the best option for your car.

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