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Churn Up Some Dust -Go Quad Biking

Quad biking at Sun city

Unsure about what you should to with your winter weekend? Why not hop onto a 250cc Suzuki quad bike and go game sighting with friends or family for some adventure and great experience.

There is so much to do at Sun City than just the Valley of Waves which everyone knows about and frequently visit.

South Africa is very beautiful and quad biking is a great way to explore its beauty. Join Mankwe Game trackers on the back of a quad and go trailing through the Letsatsing Game Park, accompanied by experienced guides while you get to see stunning views, giraffes, rhinos, and other wildlife along the way.

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Quad biking is the ideal way to get up-close and personal with some wildlife, while having loads of fun. Zebras and Wildebeest are not at all fazed by the bikes, they wander and stroll along the nature trails happily. Training on how to operate the bike is provided and it is not that complicated, there is an option of manual or automatic gear selection. Quad bikes that are suitable for kids are also available as they are friendly and safe. They are easy to ride and suitable for beginners, you just have to learn the simple basics of steering and stopping.

What to wear: closed shoes and long pants are suitable and get prepared to get dusty. Helmets are provided for the activity as they are compulsory.


Duration: 1 hour ride, total of 2 hours

Cost: R 730 per adult

R 550 per child (8-16 years old)

Duration: 30-minute ride, total of 1 hour

Cost: R 520 per adult

R390 per child (8-16 years)

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