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Cyclists use DNA Testing-Based Approach to Training

Cyclists Philip Buys (32) and Pieter Du Toit (22), in the PYGA Euro Steel team, recently came second place in the Sani2c Mountain Bike challenge 2021. Sani2c is a three-day, 265-kilometre mountain bike stage race, which takes place in Kwa-Zulu Natal and is known for its exceptional route, grueling terrain and the high level of strength and endurance required to complete the race. How did they do it? One of their secrets was testing their DNA and training accordingly.

These remarkable cyclists recently tested their DNA by doing the Geneway GeneSport test which is specifically related to the genes that determine one’s athletic potential, and incorporated what they learnt into their training regimes. Genetic testing is becoming an increasingly popular way to optimize one’s training and maximize one’s potential based on one’s individual results.

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“No two people are the same, and testing your DNA is an insightful way to determine exactly what your body needs to perform at its best on the track, field or bike” said Dr Christa North, genetics specialist at Geneway.

“The genes tested in the GeneSport test help outline your genetic potential, show your body’s preferred fuel and energy source during exercise, your response to caffeine, your risk for inflammation and injury, your ability to deal with oxidative stress, your endurance and power potential, your susceptibility to injury as it relates to muscle and bone health, ability to perform at high altitudes and the recovery time required after intense exercise” she added.

When asked about how the test results empowered him to go further, Philip Buys found his DNA test results beneficial as he now knows at which time of day he performs at his best (afternoons), and how to time his caffeine intake to get the best effect, with a cup of coffee ideally an hour before a workout.

He is also able to address his weaker points such as focusing on doing more endurance training and capitalize on his stronger points such as his short-term power acceleration.

This multiple Cape Epic stage winner who has also represented South Africa at the Olympic Games says that “I learned many things in a very short time, some of which would have taken me years to figure out in my career” exclaimed Buys. “It has also been a great confidence booster” he added.

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Pieter du Toit explained how doing the GeneSport test enabled him to make small changes that have made a big difference. His test showed he is predisposed to become Vitamin D deficient, and now that he has started supplementing this nutrient, his recovery time has improved significantly.

His test results recommended that he focus more on short explosive and slow-twitch muscle training. He has also made changes to what he eats, after the test suggested he incorporate more natural foods into his diet, which too has made a difference.

Whether you are a recreational or professional sports athlete, you can optimize your training and athletic potential with the GeneSport test.

To learn more about how DNA testing can help you optimize your training and overall health, go to

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