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DJ Sbu Announces New Mofaya Soft Drinks To Hit The Market

Mzansi could not be more proud of Dj Sbu’s accomplishments. Dj Sbu is well known for preaching black excellence and advocating for young black people to start building generational wealth. His brand Mofaya Energy drink has helped quite a number of young people improve their lives by selling it on the streets while he assists.

“A girl sent me a DM asking for money for her tuition but I refused, instead I gave her Mofaya to sell with her on the streets and the profit she made helped her” he tweeted.  Mofaya has grown bigger since the brand started five years ago.

Yesterday, DJ Sbu once again announced that he is brining a new carbonated soft drink range which he says created for South Africans. Twitter was celebrating him followed by many TV personalities congratulating him for his new accomplishment. He further said that Mofaya is not his brand but a brand for South African black people and everyone should be proud of it.

The Mofaya brand has done exceptionally well, especially for young unemployed people, creating jobs for them. And this has been evident on our online platform. It taught them about entrepreneurship and business. We sure quite certain that South Africa is going to support him and his brand and hopefully help even more people.

We Congratulate Dj Sbu for his amazing work and persistence.

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