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Donation of infrared thermometers and hand sanitiser units help South African NGO’s remain operational

By Staff Writer

Hand sanitiser units and thermometers have become a necessity for businesses, non-profit organisations and education centres in order to be Covid-compliant and remain open and operational. 

The team at Mama’s Alliance, a non-profit organisation, made a plea for thermometers and hand sanitiser units for their centres.

Mama’s Alliance is a network of strong, reputable, independent and autonomous grassroots childcare organisations. With one common objective: to save more vulnerable children across South Africa from a hopeless future by providing them with a healthy, safe and stimulating environment for their continuous growth and development.

Some of the organisations operating under the Mama’s Alliance umbrella, like Kids Haven, were in dire need of protective equipment to remain open and operational.

Leading electronics manufacturer Hisense donated 778 infrared thermometers and 185 touchless hand sanitiser units worth more than R600 000 to the Mama’s Alliance group. These units will be distributed to non-profit organisations countrywide and more so in the rural areas.

The Hisense team together with comedian and Hisense brand ambassador, Weza Matomane, visited Kids Haven in Benoni for a handover ceremony. Weza delivered an inspiring message to the children, and encouraged them to aim high no matter where they are from, and to follow their dreams. He shared his personal story of how he overcame many challenges as a child.  

The talented children of Kids Haven entertained the Hisense team and Kids Haven staff members with the Jerusalema dance, followed by gumboot dancing, with everyone joining in,

Susan Daly, fundraiser coordinator for Kids Haven, said that this donation means that the children’s homes and the community ECD centres they support will reach the Covid-compliance requirements easily.

“This donation excites us as we have partnerships with small community-based organisations through the Ekurhuleni Welfare Forum, which allows us to share thermometers and hand sanitiser units,” she said. “As a result, some of these early childhood development centres are able to re-open and many kids can return to school. We are truly grateful for Hisense’s help.”

The handover ceremony was heart-warming. It was humbling to see the great work that is being done by selfless individuals helping the youth of our country learn, develop skills and to keep them off the streets.  

“We know this is only a drop in the ocean, but we will continue helping these NGOs as often as we can. Our next project is already in its planning phase,” said Jenine Whitehorn, marketing manager of Hisense.

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