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Drugs in Hip Hop – Cubicle Hip Hop Discussion

This discussion stems from the issue that rappers always seem to have lots of old dirty looking money in their music videos. Is this money collected from drug sales or do they get it from the bank? The lyrics of rappers also do not help their case as they are always talking about selling drugs yet they are never investigated so how true is it? Yes we have all accepted in the discussion that most rappers kick off their career with drug money investments but the most critical question posed is; if you are worth $500 million according to Forbes why and how are you still involved in the drug game, what’s there to gain?
This discussion is discussed in mostly isiXhosa vernac with a mix of English.

The podcast is owned and hosted by Prince Masuku who is a publicist that has worked with Afrotainment, Sony Music Africa, CDBaby Africa and various other independent artists across South Africa.

More information about Prince Masuku’s work can be found on this 

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