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Electronic Duo Modesty Release Their First Single Envy

Modesty is an electronic duo act comprising Helê Schutte (Vocalist) & Duane De Jager (Producer).

The cosmically inclined individuals began piecing together an electronic project with the dream of unifying diversity in all aspects and defying the norms of electronic music.

This South African duo, Modesty, emerged as the continuous dreamchild of the endeavour.

Their first single “Envy” was released on all major digital platforms.

The music now being produced for their album in the making is a mixture of soft synths, analogue simulated bass and lush vocals. Taking inspiration from genres like synth wave/pop, hip hop, chill house, and electronica. Putting together the vision the two individuals share. They are composing the electronic project in their own home studio, situated in Central South Africa. This project is after the future but before the big bang, somewhere in between existence.


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