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Ending The Year With A Banging Week With Sauced Up Lifestyle!

Sauced Up Lifestyle

It is just a matter of a few hours until we kiss goodbye the year 2019 and we say Hello to the new year 2020. This time of the year is commonly known for its fun festivities, parties and events. This year, Sauced Up Lifestyle signed off with an amazing series of events this past week and we were there having a Lekker Jol, . Lets take a look at what went down this last week of 2019!

24 December 2019 – The #SaucedUpPoolTuesday Live

We were served with an amazing line up from some of the most hottest DJ’s in Town. The crowd was vibing and fun was had as we awaited Christmas Day.

25 December 2019 – The #SaucedUpPoolTuesday Live

It was Christmas day, and we had no better way to celebrate this day than with a bunch of amazing people looking to have an amazing time. Good music, great vibes and an awesome Christmas ambiance that has never been experienced before!

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29 December 2019 – Sunday’s Testament: #CreamSundays💯🍑

A true Sunday testament. We were served Sauced Up Cream in all angles. From music, to the vibe, to guests, the entire event was just a bliss. Big names such as Vetkook and Mahoota, MR X, KAYB and many more awesome performers and DJ’s were there.

…And Today – 31st December 2019 – The #NewYearsEveShutDown

Today, Sauced Up Lifestyle will be serving hot stuff left, right and center. Be sure to be there at this years #NewYearsEveShutDown.

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