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Enjoy A Family Meal With The Hibachi Or Konro Table Grills This Heritage Day

By: Ingrid Altmann

As Heritage day is upon us you know what that means? It’s time to grab those braai tongs and get ready to braai.

Whether you’re after the perfect braai for your meat or vegetables, nothing beats an outdoor braai, however if live in a flat or small apartment, this braai day could be a bit of a challenge.

Grills of Japan has the solution as you can braai on their range of Hibachi or Konro table top grills making it easier to be part of the Heritage Day/Braai day festivities. The Grills of Japan table top grills make it effortless to braai even if you don’t have a lot of space or a garden.

This way of entertaining is suited to everyone as there is a grill to suit all pockets and tastes.

On offer is a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.

These compact  grills are easily portable which also makes them ideal for camping trips, ticking yet another box for our outdoor nation.

For fuel, the Japanese often use highly prized Binchōtan, a specially processed charcoal which Grills of Japan offers, but you can use any kind of charcoal, preferably a natural charcoal made without chemicals.

Binchōtan is especially good for apartment grilling as there is no smoke or smell.

The Hibachi or Konro Table Grills range in price from R1150

Available at  Setamono Japanese Homeware, 405 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town and online at

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