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Enlightenment Series: A God Awakens

Open your eye and see beyond what the eye meets – visualize. Break free from the programed state of mind and deceit that has been indoctrinated in you. Take back your crown, take back your greatness – you are a God!

Your mind is a sorcery of greatness, your gateway to higher realms and dimensions. You possess the power to vibrate on a higher frequency allowing you to explore the many possibilities this multiverse has placed into existence for you.

We live in a world where we are constantly supressed, constantly broken down for the mere fact that we possess a welcoming ethos which may be easily mistaken for weakness. We are feared! They fear the very essence we are and ultimately what we could become. Look closely, your true power reflects in the eyes of your oppressor – eyes that reflect fear and hatred with the core will to destroy and destruct a divine extension of nature. The more fear and hatred shown towards us, the more it becomes so clear that we are great, and makes it evident that no man or entity can despise you nor feel threatened by your very existence if their greatness surpasses yours.

Realize that the God within you is on a slumber, awaiting your awakening. The God within you lives!

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