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Escape arts society: They Express Themselves Through Art

When it comes to art, one tends to find inspiration behind it and is able to express themselves through this form of craft. We are surrounded by so many talents that possess the ability to visualize and create from imagination. We chat with two amazing Artists from Escape arts Society is a Visual company, which creates fine arts and photography – Rapule Ramalepa and Justice Molotsi about their journey in the world of Art.

Escape Arts Society was established in 2015 by Rapule Ramalepa and Justice Molotsi. The two have been on this long journey purely because of consistency, the love and passion for talent and the drive to do what they love, in short – ‘They shoot everything that they come across’. “Whenever I see something catchy I take pictures,” says Rapule. The two have been producing documentaries, taking photographs at weddings and events.

Rapule Ramalepa, he has been around and doing it just extremely well for himself. He is a professional Photographer who started working for a community newspaper called Township Talk in 2004 as a freelance photographer. In 2007 he joined Daily Sun Newspaper where he freelanced for them for years. In his career he has managed a few gigs for the Department of Arts and Culture where he joined in 2013. He Photographed at Grahastown National Arts Festival, Mucufe festival and many more. This job isn’t just new to him but he expressed that Photography is his calling and his dream is to shoot Professional Soccer Players.

Justice Molotsi says fine Art is his passion, he started at the Johannesburg Gallery, he was attending Art class for four years and that was the year 1992. He says his best moments was when he exhibited at the Randfontein Municipal Exhibit and Business Place at Mashari Town. These two people coming up together is such a big deal and means big things only.

In 2017 they both organized a successful Exhibition – Titled ‘Groundbreaking Exhibition’. They were featured in local based visual Artist exhibition in their township called Mohlakeng Randfontein – held in a swanky restaurant called Oukasi. It was an outdoor exhibition and they intended to do another one later on. The pair believe that Art Education must be taught in townships, since they are both born and raised in Mohlakeng, Randfontein West of Joburg.

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