Essential Shopping – And Food For Thought!

In terms of the COVID-19 outbreak, the State of Disaster that our Country is experiencing, and the resultant lockdown to avoid further infections, Springfield Retail Centre, Park Boulevard Shopping Centre and Granada Square, all part of the Broll portfolio, are mindful of the effects that these measures will have on our society and economy.

As per the rules announced, only retailers supplying essential items (such as food & medical) will be trading during this lockdown. More importantly, the management team acknowledges and recognizes these essential human beings working at these outlets, to ensure peace of mind and that all codes of sanitation are practiced.

All other outlets will be closed until further notice. However, for those of you not shopping for essentials, but focusing on being positive in “flattening the curve”, why not be inspired and creative by some of your favourite stores you enjoying shopping at.

At Park Boulevard, we have TOMS Sound of Music, who would be happy to help you record the poem or song that you wrote during lockdown. And that guitar that has been gathering dust since High School.why not pick it up and give it a new lease on life. Once the lockdown is lifted, TOMS would be happy to either help you replace the strings if needed or help you upgrade it to the latest model.

Should you not be musically inclined, but could be the next “Picasso”, then head to Etchings Art Gallery once the lockdown has been lifted and allow them to frame all the drawings, sketches or paintings that you did during this time. Hang them in your home or gift them to someone special who may have celebrated their birthday during the lockdown.

For the more energetic and house proud enthusiast, or a desperate parent trying to revive their carpets that have the “lockdown blues” thanks to dirt, paint, food spills, etc., Rugs Original, situated at Springfield Retail Centre, offers some great carpet care tips for every rug in your home. Head to their Facebook Page or Website for these tips.

As you are spending more time at home during this lockdown, it might be time to take stock of security in your home, and make sure that it is all up to date. Security Superstore, also based at Springfield Retail Centre, has friendly, knowledgeable staff who will be able to assist you once the lockdown has lifted.

One of Granada Square’s tenants, Zululand Brewing Company, suggests possibly taking advantage of this lockdown, by learning something new online, be it an online course or taking a cooking class. Washwell @ Granada brings you a laundry lifestyle hack by boiling lemons to brighten dull whites. Simply toss sliced lemons into a pot full of water, bring to boil, then turn off heat and add your clothing items. Let them soak for about an hour, then wash as usual.

Now that we have given you some “food for thought” to keep you entertained at home, should you need to step outside for essential items at any of our Centre’s, we would like to encourage our loyal shoppers to make use of the available sanitizers and to ensure that the handles of trolleys and baskets are wiped prior to use and keep to the social distancing rules prescribed by our President.

In addition to using hand sanitizers, we also advise our shoppers to continue to regularly wash their hands during and after their visits to any Centre’s. This also applies to any visit to any establishment outside of your home. 

Lastly, a number of retailers are offering online vouchers, either via their websites or Facebook pages, which can be effected as soon as the lockdown is over, so support your local stores in whatever way you can during this time.

Be safe and if you need more information on COVID-19 go to, the emergency hotline number which is 080 00 29 999 and the whatsapp support line is 0600 12345.

Steven Brown

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