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Event Game Changers Set to Add ‘Sauce’ to Your Tuesdays in 2020

Thabo and Lebogang - Founders

Dare to party on a regular Tuesday? Or maybe you are one of those few people who don’t wait for the weekend to have a good time? Well, three gentlemen Thabo, Lebogang and Tshepo are on a mission to change the narrative in the events and entertainment industry. Earlier this year the three founded an events company called ‘Sauced Up Lifestyle’ which gave birth to their first pop up event – Sauced Up Tuesdays. They describe the event as a unique lifestyle brand where people get to do things out of the ordinary.

Thabo and Lebogang – Founders

Taking it back to the beginning, the three found inspiration for the event at one of their chill sessions. “It started when we were just chilling, we then decided to call people and have a pool party instead. The response we received from our first event motivated us to make this a regular event” said Thabo.

Sauced Up Tuesdays will take place every Tuesdays at different venues. The event is set to take place in any season or weather condition. “There will always be sauced up Tuesdays, come rain or sunshine, we are going to have fun and the show will go on” Tshepo added. Given the standard event procedure of instilling rules for their event, Sauced up Tuesdays will change that. “What sets this event apart from the rest is that fact that there are no rules, every rule is barred” said Lebogang. He added that, the only thing that is required at the event is for people to have fun and not cause commotion or harm each other.

Founders, Lebo and Thabo

Sauced Up Tuesdays comprises of a variety of fun activities and games at the event. Since the first event, the response from their market has been enormous. They have captured the attention of many big names who attend the event at will such as Ntsiki Mazwai and Donald to name a few. Performances from artists also takes place. One of the main highlights of Sauced Up Tuesdays is that they shot a music video for Big Sky.

Their plans for 2020, include hosting Sauced Up Tuesdays in Durban. With the Durban July being hosted in on a yearly basis, the three have made plans to host their event on that weekend. “Hosting at the Durban July is part of our plans for 2020. We will also visit the Cradle of Human kind thereafter” said Lebogang. They are planning on making the event a road trip, where they stop and pop up at different places venues every Tuesdays and eventually making it national, he added.

Siyabonga Mhlanga Co-Founder at Sibizi Media and Thabo Co Founder Sauced Up lifestyle

This unique lifestyle event is set to keep the party lovers on their toes and bring out those who only seek fun and entertainment on a regular Tuesday.

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