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Events That Are Pared Down In Price And Stress, But Jazzed Up In Style

Launched in August last year, WE DO, WEDDINGS is the perfect event planner for couples looking for an affordable, intimate, stylish and low-stress wedding or celebratory function

“The success of a marriage is not directly linked to the wedding’s price tag and fun on the day is not related to the opulence,” says Anna Granig, founder and owner of We Do, Weddings, an innovative business specialising in intimate, creative weddings and which has now extended its offering to bespoke functions. Integral to the business (other than Anna, of course!) is Polly, a custom-made Instagram-worthy vintage teardrop camper and the country’s only mobile wedding chapel.

Although born out of the Covid pandemic, the seed for We Do, Weddings was subconsciously planted a few years ago at Anna’s own wedding. When her relatively big wedding in the making was delayed indefinitely due to her fiancé’s illness, it gave the couple the opportunity to rethink how to tie the knot. They were not up for a big wedding anymore, but didn’t want to delay formalising their commitment to each other.

At the time, small weddings were pretty much unheard of, but they literally had 10 days to put it together. So they went “big on flowers and small on numbers”, inviting the four couples who were instrumental in them meeting, their own children and close family. “All of the people who attended our wedding loved it and raised the question why more people don’t do smaller weddings.

Fast forward to 2020 and Covid-19. Anna’s business in the hospitality and tourism industry was hard hit by the pandemic. “At the same time I noticed how many couples were going ahead with their weddings in whatever way they could. Some couples just wanted to tie the knot and seal the union. There were doctors saying their vows in hospital corridors, girls getting married in jeans and a veil. In all the instances I saw, the joy and the love was no less because it was non-traditional.”

A tiny wedding encourages you to focus on the commitment you are making to each other and the intimacy of that experience, believes Anna. This is for people who want to have a fun and original day, but without the stress and financial pressure and who don’t necessarily buy in to what society expects. Many couples don’t marry because they feel they can’t afford a wedding – now they have another option, and it’s an affordable, but still spectacular option! It’s also important to Anna to be inclusive of all, to support couples who have avoided marriage or been hesitant to have a ceremony that doesn’t resonate with them. “I want them to be able to marry confidently because I think marriage or a union is a very basic part of what most people want in the world to feel settled and provide that sense of belonging.”

As the business has gained traction, so Anna has had requests for events other than weddings. From bachelorette parties to baby showers, product launches to small birthday celebrations, her services can be tailormade for most small and intimate affairs. A lot of the attention can be attributed to Polly, the colourful star of the events, who has quickly amassed a following of her own. She can serve as a bar, photo backdrop or ceremony altar. You can even choose to Party with Polly at your pop-up garden party!

The end-to-end wedding service (which is tweaked for other events) literally offers a one-stop shop, taking all the stress out of your big day:

💍 A get to know you meeting

💍 Polly’s quirky presence

💍 Venue hire

💍 Personalised ceremony design

💍 Marriage officer – religious or secular

💍 Legal paperwork and filing

💍 Photographer

💍 A statement vase of flowers

💍 Bridal bouquet and floral cake topper

💍 Seating area for four, decor and styling

💍 Bubbles and cake

💍 Sound system and music
💍 Delivery, set up and clean up

The package has an option of four colour palettes, six unique venues to choose from and an array of enhancements. “By working within a ‘menu’ we avoid extensive back and forth which increases stress, decision fatigue and costs,” explains Anna, “while our range of styling props and the enhancements you can select such as confetti, a gin bar or tequila toast, picnics and additional guests, guarantee a day that is unique to you.”

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