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Music is an art that speaks with many of us, and to some people it has changed their lives for the better. Some have talent and some learn and master the skill of music. But Thandeka Ngema – a well-known South African music sensation known as Mawhoo – has her music expertise drawn from both walks of life. We had a chat with her over the phone, telling us more on her career and journey in the music industry.

The Durban born musician Thandeka Ngema who is well known as Mawhoo takes us back to the time when she was a child who was very passionate about everything she does. “I would enter every competition in school and win all the prices, I knew what I wanted and I would get it “she said. Thandeka was born in Showe and moved to Durban where she completed her Matric and studied Teaching in Unisa. “ I just wanted to do music and record my music , I asked one of the close guys to help  me record a song and I did , after that I would perform my music at places like Rich Durban, Eyadini and Mlazi and that’s how they discovered me “ she explains.


This is proof enough that if you go for what you want, people will see you along the way. When Mabala Noise discovered her, they negotiated a deal which was a joint venture with Universal Music. Her Debut song Umshado which featured heavy K did very well on the charts and was became the epitome of her listeners’ happiness.

“Mabala Noise introduced me to a lot of people and I appreciate them for everything but I felt like I needed to do my own thing and find myself and my voice “she said. “I then asked to part ways with the label and it ended in good terms! (That I can say), but I was ready to do my own things on the side,” she continued. She is now an independent artist and doing pretty well for herself.

“I was ready to work with everyone and I did. Maphorisa is such a big inspiration and I approached him to work on something and we have a song together – Umdanso – and I would love to work with him again in the future,” she tells us. Mawhoo described Maphorisa as someone who would groom you, take you up and help you with your career, and we have seen it with the artists he has worked with. She considers her music different, drawing inspiration from big names Such as Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. “Nicki Minaj inspires me a lot but Beyonce’ is goals, I mean she does everything by herself and her talent is unmatched but lasty, Maphorisa really inspires me too,” she stated. She continued to tell us that she has started learning how to produce her music and make music in her room, inspired by Beyonce’.

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“ohh I have so many people I want to work with, Black coffee, Nicki Minaj, Debaby  and Beyonce’ , these are the people  I see myself working with in the future “ she stated. She told us to expect an EP or an Album alongside Maphorisa soon which is what we have been looking forward too. Mawhoo has many talents and one of them being acting. “I’ve always wanted to be an actress, when I was in grade 4 I went to the nearest Radio and asked them to find me an acting gig and today we laugh about that.” We wish her all the best and looking forward to all the other work she is cooking.

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