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Extreme Activities at Sun City for Adrenalin Junkies

A range of activities, Airsoft ‘Call of Duty”, Drift Trike and 4x4 Yamaha Grizzly quad bikes

If lazing around a pool, or catching some waves, isn’t your idea of a great break away, then consider partaking in some extreme adrenaline action while taking some time out at Sun City.

With something for everyone, Adrenaline Extreme is the go-to place for quad adventures, Drift trike experiences, as well as action shooting.

Adrenaline Extreme is situated at the magnificent Sun City resort in the North West province and offers the ultimate in fun.

For example, there’s Airsoft “Call of Duty,” which is an action shooting challenge making use of Airsoft guns, shooting against time at a set of tactical steel targets. The scenario is set in a “house,” with targets appearing around every corner or window as the shooter negates his (or her) way through the building.

CAPTION: Negate you way through a “house” and action shoot tactical targets around corners in the Airsoft “Call of Duty.

Then there’s the opportunity to Drift Trike, on a unique three-wheeled vehicle that is designed to drift around corners. The drift trikes are motorised, like go-carts and run on a tar-track where you can race each other in a fun-filled drifting experience.

CAPTION: Have you ever done a Drift trike experience? You can at Sun City.

Those who want to can try the challenging 4×4 quad circuit, in low range, on monster 400 cc 4×4 Yamaha Grizzly quad bikes testing your skills on challenges such as the tested on obstacles like ‘The Twister’, ‘Tyre Mountain’ and ‘See-Saw’.

CAPTION: 4 X 4 Grizzly Quad Bikes extreme fun.

Whatever your skill range, if you want to go extreme, there’s something for everybody at Sun City.For operating times, costs and requirements, please visit the website – click here.u6

Excludes day visitor entrance fees, no entrance fee applicable to guests staying at the resort

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