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Financial Bunny, Nicolette Mashile Teaches Kids About Money

Nicolette Mashile has released her new book 'Coco The Money Bunny' which aims to teach children about money.

Television host and social entrepreneur, Nicolette Mashile has released a new book ‘Coco The Money Bunny’ which aims to teach children various money principles. The book comes on the back of the success of her debut, ‘What’s Your Move?’

“Many of our financial problems stem from our relationship with money which is influenced by how our parents treated the subject of money when we were growing up,” says Nicolette.

“Coco The Money Bunny aims to help parents introduce the subject in a way that will hopefully foster a healthy attitude towards money in their children,” she adds.

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The book consists of five chapters covering the five money principles of earning, saving, investing, spending and giving. Each chapter contains anecdotal money lessons as well as activities which help illustrate the lessons practically.

“We tested the book with a few children and found that they are able to grasp various financial concepts and even come up with their own scenarios, provided that the concepts are explained in a manner that is palatable to them,” says Nicolette.

The book is aligned with the CAPS curriculum, South Africa’s comprehensive and concise policy which gives detailed guidance for teachers on what they should teach and how to assess.

Coco The Money Bunny‘ is available at leading digital and physical bookstores nationwide as well as on 

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