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Free Fire Welcomes Eid-al-Fitr Through Free Rewards

In celebration of the festive season of Ramadan, Gerena Free Fire is introducing its first Ramada-themed event, Light of Ramadan. There is a variety of massive rewards to be won, with the exclusive Dunk Master bundle as the key reward.

In a statement Christian Wihananto, producer of Garena Free Fire SSA said, “We strive our best to interact with the SSA players and constantly listen to their feedback since the server started in November 2020. Hence, for light of Ramadan, we are now bringing back the Dunk Master bundle, a highly requested item by our players. We hope that this bundle and the many free rewards you can win through this event will be a great addition to your collection, elevating your style of those Booyah! moments won during Ramadan.”

The event will be running until May 23, 2020.By completing the Free Fire’s electric mix of in-game missions may win the following rewards:

  • Peak Day (15-16 May): Complete time-limited missions to obtain Dunk Master bundle, 1x Incubator Voucher, 1x Weapon Royale  Voucher, and Gamer Moony Pet Skin.
  • Token Exchange Mission: Collect and exchange tokens to get Groza Legend Gun Skin:  Great Plunder, Jungle Excursion Skyboard and5x Diamond Royale Vouchers.
  • Web Event ‘Wishing Well’: Complete missions, reach milestones and choose your desired items from a great pool of rewards. Items include skyboards, loot boxes, vehicle skins, and backpacks. 
  • Cumulative Login: Login for a total of 12 days to get 4x Diamond Royale  Vouchers, 1x Weapon Royale  Vouchers, Verdant Soul backpack and Jade Sky parachute. 
  • Play Together Mission: Play together with friends to WinLeap of Faith Skyboard and 2x Weapon Royale  Vouchers.

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Gerena champions social and entertainment experience through games, enabling its communities to engage and interact. Additionally, it is a leading sports organizer and hosts some of the world’s biggest esports events. Gerena is also part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), one of the leading global consumer internet company. Moreover, Limited Sea’s other core businesses include e-commerce rm, Shopee, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

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