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Get Adventurous With KTM Durban!

Now that we are down to Level 2 and group activities are relaxing (but still adhering to the Government restrictions), the KTM DURBAN outlet, situated on the top level of Park Boulevard Shopping Centre at 11 Brownsdrift Road, has some group rides planned for their adventurous riders!

From 2nd-4th October is the Group ride to the Pongola 500 event, commencing at 7am and the next one is the Highveld Dual Bike Adventure, hosted for the first timeat Country Trax, Amersfoort near Ermelo in Mpumalanga, taking place on the 22nd-25th October! This 600-hectare farm is situated near Amersfoort in Mpumalanga, and Jan du Toit has specially designed and prepared the facilities for off-road training and riding of the highest standard. Riders can expect some awesome riding on the farm and its surroundings!

These events are not just about bringing like-minded people together for a fun riding weekend, but also incorporates a social element, which includes a fun ‘sprint’ race and nights sitting around the fire trading stories and jokes.  The routes consist of various difficulties and cater for riders of certain styles and experience.

Be sure to mark these dates on your social calendar as these events should not to be missed!

Remember, when those bikes do come to a standstill at these venues, all Covid-19 restrictions must still be practiced!

For more information about these October events you can email or call 031-035 0090 during office hours.

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