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Grocery Shopping Should Be Fun

Let’s admit it, grocery shopping can be boring and exhausting at times but it should not be that way. Grocery shopping can, in fact should be enjoyable especially if you are shopping with your kids. Here are fun ideas to do at the supermarket to keep yourself and others entertained:

Challenge your children, friend or significant other to be the first to find a specific item on the aisle

This will help in making shopping easier and quicker because everyone will want to be the first one finding that item, to make it more fun reward them buy buying whatever they want at the store but have a specific price limit.

Buy something you weren’t allowed to as a child There was a time in our lives when our parents refused to buy that specific item you have wanted so badly that you went home crying. It could be ice-cream, chocolate, a doll or any toy that is within your budget.

Have a snack while shopping

Shopping for food on an empty stomach is frustrating so just grab something light like dried fruit, a packet of small chips or biltong. This will help you make it through the shopping session without a meltdown, just make sure you pay for the item when you have reached the till.

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Play guess the price

This will expose what kind of shopper you are. It will also make your kids aware how much food costs and see why you are always complaining about not wasting food as it is expensive.

Hold your nose while standing in line at the meat department

Meat has to be fresh all the time so imagine holding your nose at the meat department, this will scare the workers a bit and have them confused why you’re the only person doing this, but do not forget to let them know that you are just fooling around.

Ask if anyone has seen your pet snake-it was on your shoulder a few minutes ago

Many people are afraid of snakes, this will have everyone freaked out and you will get to see people’s reactions and laugh at them afterwards.

In the middle of one of the aisles, scream, food fight!

This will have everyone looking at you as if you are crazy. I wouldn’t advise you to have a real food fight because who will have to pay for and clean up all those goods? This is to just scare the customers and workers a bit. Shopping takes time and concentration so the best you could do is have fun while at it.

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