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He Hosts Oral Health Awareness Campaigns For SA Schools From Disadvantaged Backgrounds – Dr Floss

DR Platinum At His Awareness Campaigns. Sponsored By Colgate

Oral health is of vital importance to the community. Knowing more on Oral Health increases your chances of having healthy teeth and gums resulting to less visits to Dentists or less issues with your teeth.

Lwazi Nkwanyana also known as DR. Floss, is a young Dentist from Johannesburg who has made it his mission to assist the community and mostly young school kids with oral health awareness campaigns. At these activations he educates young people about the importance of healthy teeth. “I host awareness campaigns and Activations for Free. I target SA schools, preferably from disadvantaged backgrounds.” he said.

“I Giving Oral Health talks, teach kids how to brush their teeth and give them toothbrushes sponsored by Colgate.” he continued. “We also give the kids a feedback firm to give to their parents.” he said.

He also stated that one of the main reasons he does these campaigns and activations is that this also serves as a marketing strategy for him, and his company.

For professional and affordable dental care, make an appointment by calling 011 025 1142 today to see Lwazi. Alternatively, visit him at his Dr’s Office at Nr. 5 Newroad Carswald, Midrand.

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