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He Is A Jack Of All Trades – A Creative Genius In The Making

Mvelo Fortune Caluza

Mvelo Fortune Caluza, professionally known as Sicks, is a south African rapper, producer, singer, songwriter, writer, creative director and musical director who hails from a township known as Hammarsdale, in the  heart of KwaZulu-Natal. The Silver Heights high school alumni got the name Sicks or 6 as an extension of his college nickname “60” given by his close friends and family.

He does what he jokingly calls “trigger music”, music which stimulates emotions .  He is very Eclectic and flexible since he does various genres  from Hip-hop, RnB, Blues, Jazz, Tribal music and House beats to name a few.

He studied Bachelor of Social Sciences in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College Campus.

Sicks started his journey as a rapper and producer in 2015 under the rap alias Supremes, producer alias Unhappy Child who is part of a collective called  Unhappy Children where he co-produced with fellow rapper, singer  and producer Nkazimulo Mntaka who is also known as Ville and Sibongokuhle Ngcobo who is also known as Brother Sibling, But his introduction to music goes all the way back when he joined a choir in grade 7.

Even though he started rapping as a hobby, it came naturally for him as he was a poet and had been writing poetry for about 5 years before he ventured to music.

A few years down the line Sicks defies  the old age  “Jack of all trades but master of None” as he has beautifully mastered all his crafts.

 His ability to be flexible within the art has landed him on so many features (production and vocally wise) with Durban’s finest artists from the likes of Halo Yagami, Cheese Man Child, Prejudice, KIA, Neo Ndawo, Mande and Etc. 

He has also left his mark in the battle rap arena where he took part in the Floral Tribe based battle rap league called Bars Over Everything where he faced some fierce competition.

He was part of the Blackout Cypher which was featured on Move Hip-Hop SA and included the likes of Celestial Mic, Loki, HCL, Rhyme time, Skorch Supernova, LCM and etc.

He is currently working on completing his debut mixtape titled Umfan’omuhle and is a part of Audio Shack Media Group and also their content creator.

Aside of the music he is working on making and selling accessories, which goes to show the state of balance between his business and creative world.

Follow and interact with Sicks on social media: Instagram: @immrmesicks, Facebook: @immrmesicks, Twitter: @immrmesicks, Soundcloud: @immrmesicks, Audiomack : @immrmesicks 

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