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He Is The Master Of Time With His Amazing Timepieces – The Watchmonger

Siphesihle Sekeleni - Founder & CEO

Here is a lad aged 24 – born in the rural Mzimkhulu, another small town in the Kwa Zulu-Natal – and later relocated to Pietermaritzburg with his family. This a story of a young black gentlemen who is vigorously venturing into the entrepreneurship business. As a result, he is now the founder and owner of ‘The Watchmonger’. “I provide luxury wooden and bamboo timepieces (watches). My main selling point is the customization that clients have access to, I can engrave or print a photo on any watch that the client may require,” says Siphesihle.

“My mother was my first exposure to entrepreneurship, even though she was a teacher by profession she always had ways of multiplying her income streams”

The Watchmonger Timepieces

Siphesihle is also a full time scholar at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, doing his 3rd year towards a Bachelor of Social Science (Governance, Business and Ethics). Which enables him to think cohesively as a young and budding businessman. Besides growing his timepiece brand and business, in the not so far future, Siphesihle still has other business opportunities he’s planning to pursue. “I personally want to branch out into construction and manufacturing concrete products.” Siphesihle has already placed his foot in the direction of that stream by sampling some manufacturing products that have not yet been used in South Africa. Here we’re dealing with a man who takes his dreams, passion and dreams very seriously – one who will not be detoured by anything from achieving his dreams.

“This business idea came about when I wanted a unique quality watch, which led me buying myself a bamboo watch. Whenever I wore it, people kept asking me where I got it and people badly wanted to buy it – and that’s when the potential business idea hit me. The rest is history”

The Watchmonger wooden Watches

Shifting the focus back to Siphesihle’s current business, The Watchmonger which he’s running concurrently with his university studies. Because this a start-up business, Siphesihle does everything that needs to be done by ‘The Watchmonger’ himself for now. Siphesihle who is now in business with an international manufacturing company in making these watches. They offer a variety of choices for one to choose from. They have regular Quarts watches, Chronographs and Automatic Timepieces. “They come in cherry wood, dark wood and bamboo and the straps are either a leather strap or wooden chain,” he says.

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