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Here is our Met Gala Top 10 best dressed celebrities

Once again the annual prestigious event for high profile and and A-List celebrities took place on 13 September. We have to say it was a pretty tough one having to judge. The theme was “In America, the lexicon of fashion “ and our big stars came gun-blazing showing us how it is done. It might have been a few that honored the theme but we can’t take away that they looked gorgeous. Here’s our best picks:

10. Kendal Jenner

Supermodel and Reality TV Star wowed everyone showing up wearing a beautiful see through nude design that covered her beautifully.

9. Billy Eilish

Grammy award-winning and Ocean eyes hit-maker came out looking like Cinderella in a beautiful dress that had everyone jaw-dropped at the gala since we rarely see her at events.

8. Timothee Chalamet

Call me by your name movie star showed up in white looking all fresh as he is currently promoting his new movie.

7. Keke Pamler

Musician and Actor showed up and gave us Angela Basset vibes with a big Afro and looking all sparkling with her dress. She was also a shining star as she was the host for the night.

6. Iman

Supermodel and Actress Iman showed up and turned heads at the event as she should with her exaggerated dress and head piece.

5. Yara Shahidi

She gave us looks for days as she kept it clean and cute with her flowing dress extension, giving that subtle royalty feeling.

4. Jeremy Pope

Academy Award winning star and musician looked really gorgeous in DionLee and kept it moving at the gala drawing attention with his open chest jacket with a simple strap.

3. Halle

Grammy nominated star from Chloex Halle has upped her dress game lately and this time around she chose a subtle look, showing off her perfect legs and beautiful body. She came alongside her sister Chloe.

2. Anokyia

A supermodel discovered from a homecoming, made it to her first Met Gala and looked like a black Queen she that she is.

1. Rihhana

The Queen of Met Gala herself stayed on theme and swept everyone off the floor. “Reppin for Immigrants “ as she described her outfit. We can’t really deny the fact that Rihhana always owns the red carpet and Met Gala is her baby!

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