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How To Keep Yourself Entertained During The Lockdown

So much has happened in just a short space of time. Earlier this year, it was unbeknownst to all that we are heading for such a difficult time. A time where we are forced to distance ourselves from others, adapting to a ‘New Norm’. With that, one cannot just skim through the lockdown without having to loosen up and keep entertained in their own space. It is quite evident that the lockdown has dragged on for longer that we had anticipated. The numbers are still going up and the cure or Vaccine has not been discovered yet.

Given these hard times, one may engage on entertainment activities, to keep you busy during the lockdown. Here are 5 things to explore on to keep you entertained while you are quarantined in your house.

Explore with Tik Tok…

Tik Tok is an app used to lip sync the song while dancing. An influencer or artist with a new song will introduce a challenge to help promote the song and everyone will join in for fun and some make money of it depending on how many followers and views you have. The App also allows you to download your favorite personalities best quotes or from TV and you can act like you are talking while their voices are on. This App is very popular worldwide and everyone has been busy with it. Each week a different challenge is being introduced.

Keep yourself intrigued with popular series Insecure HBHO

This is a popular series by Issa Rea that keeps everyone glued on their screens to see what’s up. I myself would recommend this show for everyone who is at home right now and needs a new show to watch. This is a very funny sitcom showing a group of friends who are totally different but trying to keep up with each other and their lives. This new season we are looking at Issa trying to come up and having to deal with her relationship with her ex and her best friend.

Netflix and Chill: Stay tuned to SA Original – Blood and Water

This is a South African second original Netflix series which will premiere on the 20th of May. This is a story about a young girl who moves to an Elite school in hopes to find her sister who was abducted when she young. It the jungle and everyone is ready for the drama to start Which Stars Ama Qaba and Nasty C will also make his acting debut on the Show.

Have a listen to Eleina…

She is a new South African artist who released her album back in 2019 but her music just became popular and everyone is enjoying her soothing voice. This year she released a music video of her hit single from her album You are the one which is doing very well on YouTube . This is a young girl from Limpopo and we are all proud of her work and music that keeps us up on our toes.

Scout for Online exercise classes on You Tube…

While everyone is inside and gyms are also closed. If you go online on Instagram first when you check Gym guru’s pages they are always giving exercise classes and you can join there. The apps for running around your yard and gym has been introduced like PeeBee and a lot other apps.

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