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How To Survive Lockdown And Enjoy School Holidays For Moms


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When it comes to family holidays, and in this instance, the lockdown too, a lot of planning is involved prior to actually going anywhere or doing anything. Often, the majority of this workload is handled by moms. 

Unless you’ve booked a luxury package at an idyllic resort where your every whim is taken care of (who has the budget for that in 2020 and besides, the country is currently on lockdown?!) All of this is exhausting for the planner of the family.  But moms (or whoever does the bulk of the planning in your family) deserve a break too! 

Everyone is under pressure to work hard, eat well, get fit, read the latest novels, be up to date with the news, give our children the best education possible and keep them entertained and engaged in a meaningful way. Time to just relax and be together is scarce. So, how can you maximise on quality time while on holiday or in this case on lockdown? Here are a few useful tips. 

Failure to plan is planning to fail  

There’s a lot that you can do ahead of time to ensure that your holiday/lockdown goes smoothly and, ideally, allows time for you to just relax. Stock up on food and snacks, you don’t want to run out of nourishments. Also have a solid plan. 

Avoid that “I didn’t do everything I wanted to” feeling by plotting out your activity wishlist in advance. Buy board games and whatever else you want on your daily itinerary. All of this said, don’t overplan. You want to be able to just be together, chill out, play games, go for walks and have at least one pyjama day.  

Don’t overcomplicate mealtimes

Perhaps the most time-consuming part of a family holiday/lockdown is making sure everyone is regularly fed. But you don’t need gourmet meals every day of this. You can save yourself a lot of time by buying cereals and snacks that are good to go, and by making quick and simple meals the rest of the time.  Boerewors rolls, kebabs, build-your-own burgers and potjie are always crowd pleasers. 

Don’t think twice about asking for help

No matter how prepared you are, there is always going to be a lot of cleaning up involved when the entire family is together. Minimise this chores by taking turns and rotating days amongst each family member. 

For everything else, delegate  

For the rest of the holiday or time on lockdown, maintain calm and order by delegating tasks to the family. One person washes dishes, another dries up and packs away, everyone tidies up their own belongings and makes their own beds, and share the workload when it comes to getting ready to go out, preparing for guests or cleaning up messes.  At mealtimes, get the kids chopping veggies (if they’re old enough, of course), making sandwiches or putting together a salad. With everyone involved and sharing the work, everyone gets more time to unwind.  

Embrace the chaos 

No matter how prepared you are, there is always going to be some chaos. Children’s toys are going to be scattered around the house, pool water will be splashed everywhere, sand will be brought in from the beach or dirt from the garden. Part of the fun of family holidays is kids running around, getting messy and having fun. That’s what memories are made of. Embrace the chaos, let it happen and remember the above strategies for cleaning up! 

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