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Hybrid Homes – A New Generation of homes

Times are tough, and the current pandemic has brought with it, major changes in workplaces and has also changed some working processes from the traditional working method, to the ‘new normal’ of working from home. When deciding to work from home, you have to have ample and comfortable space for you to conduct your work or business effectively, without complications or interruptions. This new normal has forced us to take necessary measures to ensure that we make the most of this situation by presenting to you, a Hybrid Home construction. 

  • Firstly, what is a Hybrid Home?

As per google definition, “A hybrid home is designed and built from a pleasing combination of various materials, for example, it could be a combination of timber structures and steel frame structures.” These mixed materials give each hybrid home its own unique character. Whether you are building an outside officegym,studio space or even an extra room for your family, a Hybrid Home is the perfect option for you as it allows flexibility in customizing the building to your specific needs. 

  • The Process

The process of building a Hybrid Home takes 2 – 5 weeks to build. This process includes the installation of final finishes: Cupboards, Plumbing, Electrical, Furniture and an external alternative energy source 

  • The Benefits

The use of both timber framing and other conventional framing methods, such as steels frames, will help you maximize your resources. A hybrid residential structure, for example, can use a timber frame in the important areas of a home for maximum effect, such as great rooms or living spaces, while the wings of the house can be framed less expensively with Galvanized steel frames. This enables you to reduce your costs in bathrooms, utility rooms and closets while emphasizing the woodworking where it can be most appreciated. Similarly, in commercial structures, you can use timber framing in public spaces to achieve the “wow” factor and use a less expensive construction method to create administrative spaces. By blending the beauty of a framed space with a mix of building materials, you can achieve your design goals while also staying within a budget.

  • The cost

A Hybrid home is easy to build and complete. And from R99 000, you can get yourself a Hybrid home with fine aesthetics built for you hassle free. The fore-mentioned cost excludes the following: Cupboards, Furniture, Electrical and Plumbing. These items are extras that you can buy for yourself.

Get in touch with TJ Roof Rooms for a quotation for your Hybrid Home. Contact Trevor on 083 584 3631 or email Alternatively visit our website for more information.

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